ASTM Specifications

ASTMHomepgMost quality manufacturers of Orings specify the physical properties of their product through ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) and/or SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) designations. The purpose of doing so is to provide a standardized method of calling-out the required physical properties of a rubber product, based primarily on its Type (Heat Resistance) and Class (Oil Resistance). An example of an ASTM Specification for a general purpose, sulfur-cured, 70 Duro Nitrile may be:

ASTM D2000-99 M2BG714 B14 EA14 EF11 EF21 EO34 Z1

How to read this ASTM call-out?

What Elastomer is called-out by the Type and the Class?

What are the relative Heat (Type) and Oil (Class) Resistance properties of popular elastomers?

What does the letter in the suffix requirements mean?