NSF Standard 61, FDA, 3A Sanitary & More

NSF, 3A Sanitary & FDA Approved O-Rings

All O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation products are built to the highest national and international safety standards. Our rigorous adherence to these industry and governmental standards ensures the highest-quality O-Rings and custom-molded products delivered to distributors and manufacturers.

O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation has recently developed two unique compounds specially formulated for potable water applications requiring NSF standard 61 approval.

nsf1NSF Standard 61 Approved Orings

The NSF Water Distribution Systems Program is responsible for the certification of drinking water treatment chemicals and drinking water system components to ensure that these products do not contribute contaminants to drinking water that could cause adverse health effects.

NSF Standard 61 Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects is the nationally recognized standard for all devices, components and materials which contact drinking water.

CompoundDescriptionTemp RangeDuroColorFDA
N161-70A general purpose, sulfur-cured NSF Standard 61 Approved Nitrile (Buna-N) compound-40 to +250F70BlackYes
E361-70A general purpose, sulfur-cured NSF Standard 61 Approved EPDM compound-65 to +300F
E362-70NSF Standard 61 Approved peroxide cured EPDM-65 to +300F70BlackYes

fda1FDA Approved Orings

O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation has formulated a wide range of O-Ring materials to meet the Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) requirements for synthetic rubber compounds. All O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation FDA compounds conform to the Code of Federal Regulations section 177.2600.


CompoundDescriptionTemp RangeDuroColor
N168-70FDA Grade Nitrile (Buna-N)
-40 to +250F70Black
E300-70FDA Grade EPDM
-65 to +300F70Black
S500-70FDA Grade Silicone
-80 to +400F70Red
V760-75Dupont-Dow Viton®, FDA Grade
-20 to +400F75Black
V768-75Dupont-Dow Viton®, FDA Grade
-20 to +400F75Brown
C268-70FDA Grade Neoprene
-40 to +225F70Black
N188-70FDA Grade, UltraSlip® Nitrile
-40 to +250F70Black
E388-70FDA Grade, UltraSlip® EPDM-65 to +300F70Black

a33A Sanitary Approved Orings

This standard is formulated by the International Association of Milk, Food and Environmental Sanitarians, U.S. Public Health Service, and the Dairy Industry Committee. These sanitary standards cover rubber materials intended for multiple-use as product contact surfaces or solution contact surfaces in the production, processing and handling of milk or milk products. Test procedures and criteria are also provided for rubber materials as a means of determining their ability to be cleaned and to receive effective bactericidal treatment or steam sterilization and to maintain their essential properties.

CompoundDescriptionTemp RangeDuroColor
V768-75Dupont-Dow Viton®, FDA Grade, 3A Sanitary Approved
-20 to +400F75Brown
S568-70FDA Grade Silicone, 3A Sanitary Approved
-80 to +400F70Red
N168-70/MFDA Grade, UltraSlip® Nitrile (Buna-N)
-40 to +250F70Black
E368-70/MFDA Grade EPDM, 3A Sanitary Approved-65 to +300F70Black

wrasWRAS Approved Orings

Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) is responsible for the water fitting testing and approval process in the United Kingdom. This organization specifies performance criteria and test procedures designed to verify compliance to British standards for product use with water fittings.


CompoundDescriptionTemp RangeDuroColor
E363-70WRAS Approved for use in British and UK water fittings-65 to +300F70Black

ktwKTW Approved Orings

KTW Guidelines are formulated by the German Technical Association for Gas and Water. These standards cover guidelines for organic materials that come into contact with drinking water intended for human consumption. Test procedures and migration criteria are provided in the KTW guidelines as a means of determining whether a material meets threshold heath, odor and flavor requirements.


CompoundDescriptionTemp RangeDuroColor
N163-70KTW Approved for European Drinking Water Systems-40 to +250F70Black