O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation Custom Shape Solutions

Custom Molded Rubber Shape Solutions

The Customer’s Custom Shape Problem

custom-shape-solutionsA high volume automotive manufacturer was purchasing this intricate molded rubber gasket from another supplier. They were having problems with getting this filter housing gasket supplied with consistent dimensions. The inconsistency in sizing caused delays in placement of the gasket into the gland grooves resulting in added labor costs.

O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation’s Challenge

This manufacturer came to O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation with the goal of improving the dimensional consistency and flatness of this gasket in order to reduce their labor costs and improve their production line efficiency.

O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation was tasked with manufacturing this intricate molded rubber gasket to tighter tolerances.

The O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation Solution

The O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation’s tooling and rubber compounding team worked together to come up with a joint plan to stabilize the finished dimensions of this part.

A key part of our plan to solve this problem involved the different amounts of shrinkage that can occur when molding different compounds within a compression molding tool. The tool that can accomplish the tighter dimensions requested must be specifically designed for the exact elastomer that will be used. O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation has decades of experience in making tight tolerance production tooling and was able to use that information and experience to design the ideal tool.

Having the correct tooling is just the first element of producing the proper parts. Due to the tight tolerances requested by the customer, the actual molding process can impact the final size as well.

O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation utilized a high tonnage, large ram press with very tightly controlled press-cure time and temperature. All O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation molding presses utilize locked control panels to guarantee the best molding consistency.

Once parts are molded, we utilize special post cure processes to ensure complete cross-linking of the rubber compound and dimensional stability. The remaining challenge was to get these parts to the customer as flat as possible for quickest assembly.

O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation has extensive experience in providing various shape parts to customer’s in optimal flatness and was able to implement a cost effective method to get them to the customer as needed.

Please check with us on any custom molded rubber seal that O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation could help your team make into reality!