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The Customer’s Production Assembly Problem

product-solutions-1A high volume OEM manufacturer was using vibrating feeders to quickly feed a competitor’s O-Rings into their proprietary assembly machines. The assembly machine was constantly jamming as a result of warped O-Rings entering the feeding channel. This caused down time with the equipment and required operator assistance to clear the jam. The Engineering team at this manufacturer analyzed the problem and determined that the warped O-Rings were a significant problem.

O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation Solution

O-Rings that have a thin cross-section and a larger ID tend to have trouble maintaining a flat and round shape (often referred to as “potato chipping”).

O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation works regularly with high volume automatic assembly customers and is very familiar with this problem. We have perfected a number of proprietary solutions in manufacturing and packaging the O-Rings to produce round and flat O-Rings for sensitive automatic feeders.


O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation sales and engineering team worked with this manufacturer to diagnose the problem and provide bulk production samples that were made and packaged to maximize flatness of the O-Rings.

While we can’t reveal our proprietary production techniques, those methods along with pillow packaging produced very flat O-Rings that immediately solved this difficult problem.

This is one of many ways O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation can work with your team to improve assembly efficiency and costs on your manufacturing floor.

Please check with us should you experience any assembly issues so that we can evaluate and offer you an economical and worthwhile solution.