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Rubber Compounding Flexibility

There are a wide variety of standard elastomers available and there are many custom versions of each elastomer that allow a material to have improved performance in some areas over the standard compound.

A talented chemist can give improved performance in one or two areas to a lower grade elastomer and provide value to the end-user by meeting their needs without a significant jump in cost that can occur as you move up to the next standard elastomer family. As an example, some common elastomer families like Viton® typically cost seven to eight times the cost of a standard nitrile rubber seal.

The Customer’s Challenge

In one instance, an exhaust component manufacturer had estimated exhaust temperatures for an application based upon the closest possible placement to the engine where it would experience the highest temperature. This was a prudent choice as it ensured that the material chosen would meet all possible temperatures. In this case, Viton® was originally specified.

After entering production, this exhaust component manufacturer was able to determine that the rubber seal was exposed to lower temperatures than originally estimated. The exhaust component manufacturer’s engineering team did thorough review and identified the rubber seal as a possible avenue for cost savings.

The O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation Solution


The challenge to O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation was to recommend a material that could consistently meet the revised temperatures at the lowest possible unit cost.

The revised performance temperatures were still higher than what a standard nitrile elastomer could meet. Many competitors offered standard off-the-shelf compounds such as silicone or Viton® as alternatives. This kept the customer in a high price category and would not provide enough cost savings to justify the change.

O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation’s challenge was to provide a solution at a more competitive price than the typically recommended silicone or Viton® compounds for this application.

Upon examining the situation carefully, O-Rings by Boyd Corporation representatives were able to work with our in-house chemist to develop a high temperature nitrile elastomer that met the revised temperatures.

O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation’s N112-70 high temperature nitrile compound was engineered for temperature resistance up to 302 °F which exceeds the temperature resistance of standard nitrile compounds by over 50 °F.

The O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation team visited with the engineering and purchasing individuals at this manufacturer to discuss the advantages of the N112-70 compound and formulated a formal test and validation plan.

Prototypes were ordered and put on long-term test. Upon careful testing, this new O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation compound was approved. This OEM was able to place the N112-70 compound into production and achieved considerable cost savings over the many remaining years of this car line.

Please check with us should you see any opportunities for O-Rings.com by Boyd Corporation to develop lower cost elastomers for your team.